Make Your Battery Happy: Phantom 4 TOP 5 Battery Life Tips

phantom 4 battery tips

As we pointed out in in out DJI Phantom 4 review, the drone has a high-capacity battery which can fly the quadcopter up to 28 minutes without recharging. But to achieve this level of flying time you have to follow simple rules to make your battery happy and working as long as possible.

TIP #1. Battery Keeping

Store your battery in safe place in non-flammable containers. Preferably, temperature should be between 41F – 77F (5C and 25C  respectively) which is easily achieved if you living in moderate climate or you have air conditioning.

TIP #2. OK Status

Always check status on your battery. If you see some physical damages or seeing some battery warning while flying – take out the battery and before your next fly make sure everything is fine.

TIP #3. Charging

Nowadays LiPo batteries are smart and if you even put them to charge for the whole day they won’t burn and keep you flying as nothing happened. Although, if you doesn’t want to fly less time during the next flying session you you might consider the following: do not overcharge the battery! Keep in mind that Phantom 4 battery need up to 2 hours to finish charging and when time has come just unplug it.

TIP #4. Discharging

LiPo batteries don’t like to be discharged at a zero level. So keep their juice up to 15-20 percent from full discharging.

TIP #5. Plan your flights

If you going to take a break in your flying don’t charge your battery to the full level while having a thought ‘next time I just won’t need to charge it’. This is a common trick with batteries: even if you fully charged your battery after a certain amount of time it will discharge nonetheless plus it might affect the battery itself in the worst way which leads to the less flying time.

That is all for today, see you next time with new helpful tips!

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