DJI Phantom 4: Pros

phantom 4 pros

I’ve decided to find out all the good sides of the newly released Phantom 4 quadcopter and for that I’ve collected a lot of different reviews from absolutely different people who already own this drone. Let’s find out what they say.

And, here we go:

Flight experience isn’t different from the Phantom 3 at all.

Well, that is nice for DJI Phantom 3 owners.

Terrific camera quality.

It is the right time to shoot movies from sky, right?

The stabilization in P mode is awesome: Phantom 4 doesn’t drift at all and handle hovering very well.

I guess, new pilots are eager for that.

With 1080p 60fps video shots are very smooth.

You are not limited and that is very good.

Raw video/pictures behave very well in color correcting.

A nice thing for cinematographers, don’t you think?

DJI Go App is user friendly and allows you to edit and share pictures and video.

All-in-one application for your smartphone.

Point of interest is great as you can control camera and distance while it orbits your shot. Way points are smooth so you can focus on getting the shot after setting your points rather than flying the craft. Active track and follow modes are in the bad section.

Intelligent flight modes do their job very well.

Great price for new features, stable flight and 4K camera.

That’s is true, obviously if you shoot in 4K and can edit the footage.

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